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When it comes to home improvements in Bristol, the world is your oyster. You might think straight away of upgrading your windows and doors or landscaping a garden. However, you can make a considerable difference to your home by adding or refurbishing your current driveway, patio or path.  

Whether you want to improve the appearance of your home or you’re thinking of putting it on the market, we show you how a new driveway, patio or path can enhance the kerb appeal and add value.

Will a new driveway add value to my home? 

According to Virgin Money, a new driveway is one of the best home improvements you can make, adding between 5% and 10% to the value of your home.

Why is a new driveway a good home improvement option in Bristol?

There are lots of reasons why a new driveway is a good home improvement option:


A driveway is one of the first things people see when they come to your home, so creating a good impression is important. An attractive and well designed driveway makes your home more aesthetically pleasing, not just for you, but for visitors and potential buyers in the future. 


It’s not just looks that are important – a well-designed driveway also provides a practical space to park vehicles and to easily access your property. Many people want the convenience of being able to park in a dedicated space at their home, rather than on the road. 

A driveway can also reduce your car insurance premium, saving you money each year. According to, keeping your car on a driveway is generally safer than storing it on the street, and even more so if it’s close to your home so you can keep an eye on it and be alert for any intruders.

If you are looking to expand your existing driveway, you may be able to extend it further into any existing garden space. 

And if you’re starting from scratch, you just need to take into account the available space and what you will be using it for. There is no legal minimum width for a driveway. If your property needs a dropped kerb for smooth access onto your driveway, most local authorities will allow one and will be able to help with advice. 


A new driveway is also a fantastic way to improve the drainage on your land. Old driveways in disrepair can suffer from poor drainage and pools of water on the surface can turn to ice and become slippery in the winter months. Another great reason to add a driveway to your list of home improvements! 

Which style driveway should I choose? 

A great starting place is to look at similar properties in your road for inspiration, to see which type of driveway complements the characteristics of your home. As a general rule, period properties benefit from a more traditional look, while a minimalist look works well with modern designs. However, the choice is completely up to you. 

Will a new patio add value to my home? 

Patios are now seen as an extra room in your home – a space for entertainment, BBQs and al fresco dining. Plus, with patio heaters, chimineas and fire pits all the rage, patios are no longer just for summer. That’s why upgrading, updating or adding a patio is a wise home improvement move. 

There are also the financial benefits to consider. In a study by, installing a quality patio came second (behind a garden shed) in a list of ten improvements to outside space, with 76% of respondents saying that they look for this feature. According to the study, a nice garden could add up to a whopping 20% of the value of your home, while the National Association of Estate Agents say that a well-executed patio can add up to £10,000 to the value of your home.  

Why is a new patio a good home improvement option in Bristol?

A property must-have

With the modern indoor/outdoor lifestyle trend where the outdoor space flows effortlessly from the indoors, an attractive patio is becoming a firm fixture on home buyer wishlists. 


Not only does a patio look attractive, but once installed they are very easy to clean and maintain. Another benefit is that it can be used during wet weather along with an awning, plus there’s less chance of mud being trampled through your home than with grass. 

Will a new path add value to my home? 

Paths may not be as glamorous as a driveway or patio, but they are still an important home improvement aspect. An existing path that needs repairing or is broken can be off-putting to potential buyers, so upgrading it will definitely be beneficial. Or you might want to create a brand new path for access to a shed or summer house, or simply to add movement and texture to your garden.  

Which material is best for driveways, patios and paths? 

When it comes to materials for a driveway, patio or path, there are a range of options available including paving, tarmac, gravel and imprinted concrete. At Avon Cobblestone, we specialise in imprinted concrete due to the excellent balance between style, cost, durability and ease of maintenance. Imprinted concrete is standard concrete that is poured, colour treated and stamped with a stencil to give the realistic appearance of other materials such as slate or stone. 

What are the benefits of imprinted concrete? 

  • Available in a range of colours and designs
  • 100% UV stable so the colours will not fade
  • Installation is quick and hassle-free 
  • As a single surface, it’s weed free
  • No sinkage
  • Ideal for both residential and commercial properties

Find out more about imprinted concrete here

Home Improvements Bristol

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