6 Great Garden Path Ideas

Garden Path Ideas

Well designed garden paths can really improve the look and functionality of your outdoor space.

A pathway will help you make the most of every area of your garden by providing easy access between your home, garden buildings, flowerbeds and patios. 

If you’re looking for inspiration for your own outdoor project, we’ve brought together some ideas from recent installations to help!

Curved garden paths

Who says paths need to follow a straight line? Create character by choosing a curved pathway to make getting from A to B that bit more interesting. 

Curved paths create an organic look that works particularly well with a more rustic, rural style. 

Wide walkways

Create a super stylish garden by using wide walkways between raised beds. 

This look can work in both small and large spaces, giving easy access to all of your plants, while creating interest at every turn. 

Raised beds are also perfect if you prefer not to have to bend down to tend to your garden. 

Sloped garden paths

Slopes are no problem at all for imprinted concrete, which makes it a great choice for any steeper areas of your garden. 

Unlike other popular pathway materials, imprinted concrete does not sink over time and has a non-slip surface, making it perfect for sloped paths. 

Straight garden paths

Create sleek, clean lines with straight pathways. These are perfect for framing different areas of your garden and work particularly well with modern, minimalist styling. 

Connecting paths

Get more use from the different areas of your garden all year round by connecting them with high quality paths. 

Pagodas, patios and summer houses can all become that much more enticing when connected to your home via attractive pathways. 

Wraparound paths 

Paths which wrap around your home provide a stylish yet functional way to access the different sides of your property. 

Wraparound paths provide continuity as you walk around your home and garden. This seamless look also makes your property appear larger. 

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