Case Study: Creating a Show-Stopping Outside Space for a Forever Home in Chepstow.

Chepstow Forever Home Case Study | Avon Cobblestone

Project Overview

A returning customer, who has had several jobs completed by our team over the years, came to us to put the finishing touches on their forever home.

They had purchased a house in Chepstow, situated on large grounds next to a stream. During their renovation project, they doubled the size of the house and built an annex. 

As a previous customer of Avon Cobblestone’s, they have seen the benefits of imprinted concrete first-hand, so they knew an imprinted concrete driveway would finish off their project perfectly, giving their outside space the WOW-factor!

The project included laying a large driveway that was shared between the main property and annex, plus rear patios for both buildings. 


Our customer had several requirements which meant imprinted concrete was the best material for their project:

  • Low maintenance: As their outside space covers a large area, the customer wanted their driveway and patios to be as low maintenance as possible.  
  • Durable: The property is situated at the end of lane, with little room to turn, so the driveway needed to withstand frequent usage by turning vehicles. 
  • No surface water: The customer didn’t want puddles or surface water on their driveways or patios.
  • Design: Our customers desired a design that would stand out against the bright white walls of their property.

The Process

After conducting a thorough site assessment and working closely with our customers to understand their preferences and requirements, our team got to work on transforming their amazing outdoor space. 

We laid a total of 1000m2 of concrete to the driveway and rear patios of both properties. 

This job was carried out in 4 pours to ensure as little disruption for our customers as possible.

To find out more about how imprinted concrete is made and installed, read our blog post. 


Our customers are delighted with their outside space! The imprinted concrete solution offered numerous benefits, including:

  • Enhanced Aesthetics: By opting for a charcoal driveway and patios, they stand out against the modern white walls of their property, creating a show-stopping look!
  • Low Maintenance: With minimal upkeep required, our customers can enjoy their newly renovated driveway and patios without the hassle of frequent repairs or cleaning.
  • Durability: Imprinted concrete is renowned for its resilience against cracking, fading, and deterioration, ensuring long-term beauty and performance. This material will withstand the pressure from cars turning or driving over it frequently. 
  • Surface water: Water from one of the rear patios was taken into an ACO Drain along the house, which was piped into a large soak-away in the lawn. All the water from the other patio and driveway was surfaced drained onto surrounding lawns so there was no need for any other drainage channels.
  • Increased Property Value: The high-quality finish and professional installation of the imprinted concrete boosted the market value of their home. Read more about how to improve the value of your home.


Our customers’ new imprinted concrete driveway and patios not only provide functional and durable surfaces, but also enhance the overall kerb appeal of their property. 

By combining superior craftsmanship with innovative design, we have helped our customers achieve their vision of a stunning, low-maintenance driveway and patio that will enhance the beauty and value of their property for years to come.

Why Choose Avon Cobblestone?

As driveway, path and patio specialists, we only install imprinted concrete as we believe this is the best product available, offering customers unmatched quality, versatility and durability. Imprinted concrete not only looks fantastic – but stands the test of time! 

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