Case Study: Stunning Driveway Transformation In North Somerset

A new driveway in north somerset by avon cobblestone

Project Overview

We completed an imprinted concrete installation for a customer based in Winford, North Somerset. The project included a driveway transformation, plus new surrounding footpaths, which transformed the entire front and back outside areas of the property into a more aesthetically pleasing and functional space.


Our customer had several requirements that made imprinted concrete the ideal material for their project:

  • Low maintenance: As this project covered a large area, providing a low maintenance solution was important to keep ongoing maintenance to a minimum.
  • Design: Our customers wanted a design that made their pathways look as spacious as possible and, as the driveway was at a different angle to the property, a visual solution to better integrate this with the rest of their outdoor space. 
  • Durable: The customer wanted to invest in a solution that would stand the test of time. 

The Process

After conducting a thorough site assessment and collaborating closely with our customers to understand their preferences and requirements, our team began the transformation of their outdoor space.

The driveway and footpath were excavated down to 200mm to allow our team to install a new sub-base, as the existing block paving had moved.

We laid a total of 310m2 of concrete to the driveway and surrounding area. Drainage was reinstated in front of the garage, and new drainage was installed at the front of the driveway to comply with all guidelines.

In total, the installation took just 10 working days from beginning to completion. 

To find out more about how imprinted concrete is made and installed, read our blog post. 

an old driveway being excavated in North Somerset by Avon Cobblestone
Customers old driveway during the excavation process


Our customers are thrilled with their new driveway and footpaths! Their outside space has been completely transformed. Using imprinted concrete provided numerous benefits, including:

  • Design: By opting for a textured cobble design for the footpaths, it makes the space feel more open. As the driveway was at a different angle to the property, this was completed with a random slate design – as this pattern is the best to look at from different angles.
  • Low Maintenance: With minimal upkeep required, our customers can enjoy their new outdoor space without the hassle of frequent maintenance or cleaning.
  • Durability: Imprinted concrete is UV stable, meaning the colours will not fade. This product is also extremely  resilient against cracking or deterioration, ensuring long-term performance. 
  • Increased Property Value: The high-quality finish and professional installation of the imprinted concrete increased the market value of their home. Discover more ways to enhance the value of your home. 


Our customer’s new imprinted concrete driveway and footpaths offer durable, functional and stylish surfaces that they can enjoy for years to come. Their outside space not only looks fantastic, but will add to the property’s kerb appeal and the value of their home. 

Why Choose Avon Cobblestone?

As driveway, path and patio specialists, we only install imprinted concrete as we believe this is the best product available, offering customers unmatched quality, versatility and durability. Imprinted concrete not only looks fantastic – but stands the test of time! 

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